Mircea Vadan

I'm Mircea Vadan

Tech entrepreneur. Startup mentor. Community events organiser.

I like creating: understanding a problem from its roots, finding and testing the best solution driven by facts and logic. A new businesses is an impactful form of creating value in the world and contributing to its development.


Workshops and presentations on startup topics. Startup mentoring. Organizing tech and startup events. Topics:

Getting from idea to product
How to validate your startup/product idea.
Lean Startup principles
Pitching preparation
Seed investment
Customer development

Startup-related projects

Cluj Startups

Startup Community

I created Cluj Startups as a platform dedicated to the local community of tech startups. It aims to create an environment of support and communication among founders, to promote the local startups and to attract interested people towards Cluj.

How to Web

Startup Conference

Together with the core-team in Bucharest, I was taking care of the startup program, Startup Spotlight, included in the conference. We had 50 startups participating and 75 mentors involved (VCs, experts, accelerators representatives)

MVP Academy

Startup Accelerator

MVP Academy is the most active acceleration program in Romania. I was involved in the program/content activities in 2016, April-June 2016. We had 17 startups in this batch and during the 8-weeks program we worked on a daily basis with them, one-to-one meetings, facilitating mentors, workshops, contacts with investors.

Startup Weekend Cluj

Startup Event

It's the event that brought in the startups world. In Cluj I've been at all the editions as participant or organiser, then join as participant or mentor other SW events in Sofia, Brasov, Trento, Targu-Mures

Startup Pirates Cluj

Startup Event

In this one-week program, our pirates dive in the startup world and have the opportunity and the tools to develop a business idea from scratch. Supported by mentors, workshops and investors, one week to proove your idea.

Startup Wallet


Startup Wallet is your startup's financial assistant. Now you can easily track your incomes and costs to increase efficiency, valuate your business and get investment insights, simulate startup ideas and run "what-if" scenarios for your business model. Take your financial decisions quickly, simply and efficiently.

3 Day Startup

Startup Event

3 Day Startup Cluj is an event, dedicated to students and university researchers, who wanted to transform their ideas into startups. The event provided them with mentor guidance and support in understand their idea better and how it can become a real business.


Startup, Mobile App

Cotaxi is a mobile app allowing you to share a cab with other people and split the fees. My involvemented consisted in managing the product development and working with developers.


Startup, Mobile App

ZenQ is 'ze' way to say ‘thank you’ and appreciate your friends. On your mobile. In 'zeconds'. Imagine browsing through your Facebook friends and endorsing them, just like you do on Linkedin, but this time for their positive qualities (fun, smart, creative).


Startup, Sharing Economy

UseTogether was a Cluj-based start-up to create an interactive community of people that exchange, borrow or donate stuff, the goal was to create a trust-centered collaborative consumption hub, monetizing from item rentals. The startup was funded by Launchub.


Startup, Peer2Peer Marketplace

A pivot from UseTogether, Momly was an online marketplace focused on parents in need of clearing up space used by their toddlers' items. Momly was incubated in TechPeaks Accelerator (in Trento, Italy). We validated the business model and monetized on the local level.

Seed For Tech

SeedForTech was a product focused company that offered software development and support for startups. My 1-year-long commitment was to create the structure from idea level, the working group and the program around it. We supported 30 startup ideas out of which we worked deeper with 12 startups/founders.


June 2016 - November 2016

How to Web

Startup Program

April 2016 - June 2016

MVP Academy

Program, content

November 2015 - February 2016

Startup Wallet

Customer development process

January-December 2015

Seed For Tech

Investment Manager

February 2014 - December 2014


Founder, Biz dev

September 2013 - June 2014


Founder, Business Development

2013 - on going

Cluj Startups (non-profit)

Founder, Community Organiser

February 2012 - August 2013


Founder, Business Development, Funding

March 2011 - February 2012


Web Developer and Soft-Skills Trainer

October 2010 - March 2011

Know Consulting

Soft-Skills Trainer

October 2010 - June 2012

Management and Entrepreneurship, TUCN

MSc Student

2005 - 2010

Board of European Students of Technology (non-profit)

Active Member, Event Organiser, Trainer

October 2004 - June 2009

Computer Science, TUCN

BSc Student

What I read/follow

These are the blogs that I like a lot and recommend. It's a mix of technology, finances, predictions about future and other interesting stuff.


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